Ecology - Community - Sufficiency

Acacia Springs Environmental (ASE) was established in Perth, Western Australia in 1996. Since that time, ASE has provided consulting services to public and private sector clients throughout Western Australia and Australasia. ASE's Principal, Dr David Deeley graduated from the University of Queensland and moved to Perth in 1978.
  • extensive consulting experience across a wide range of environmental projects,
  • research in Environmental Science and Agriculture,
  • experience in environmental impact assessment and pollution control under formal provisions of the EPA Act.
  • community engagement and facilitation,
  • community development for disadvantaged communities,
  • community place-making for public open spaces.
  • He then completed the requirements and was awarded post graduate qualifications from three local Universities. David has experience in all four theme areas of the quadruple bottom line of Ecologically Sustainable Development.
  • team member developing a financial model for a business park in the Pilbara,
  • team member developing a financial model for community facilities and services at Capel.
  • experience in all three tiers of government,
  • the WA government representative for four federal policy committees,
  • strategic policy development for government and industry partnerships in sport and recreation and environmental sectors,
  • audit and review of state agency compliance with Ministerial conditions.
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    Dr David Deeley. I am currently working both as a consulting landscape ecologist revitalising where people live, work and play, in conjunction with my roles as a Photographer and as CEO of Cultural Corridors Inc. which focusses on Eldership-led community recovery for Aboriginal people. I envision healthy places and healthy communities and living well within the planet's limits. As the planet groans under the current burden of humanity’s expectations of it and the social divide between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’ widens, there is an invitation for all right-thinking people to earnestly contemplate what they stand for. I stand for equity of opportunity, resilient life support systems and sustainable settlements.

    Indigenous knowledge systems are based on notions of wholism, obligation and spirit. An important unifying dialogue is now within our grasp - exploring the space that lies between Western and Indigenous world views - knowledge and technology meeting wisdom and accountability - a process of living a shared dreaming. Throughout my 30 years of professional practice, I have acquired considerable skills as an innovative problem-solver for difficult environmental and social issues. I also have a reputation as a lucid and inspirational presenter with an ability to render complex issues accessible to all audiences. I am available to coach executive and practitioner teams through the process of scenario planning - a shared exploration of possibilities, of actions and consequence of wins and losses, of integrating key issues and perspectives.

    Together with my wife Susan, we at Acacia Springs Environmental  are committed to sincerity and effectiveness and our client’s complete satisfaction.
    Susan Deeley. I currently practice as a Naturopath at Healing Sage, a consultant at The Living Well and continue to build my experience as an educator, researcher and writer. For me, healing is about looking at how people live with their environments - what things might be causing stress in body, mind and places, leading to adverse conditions. I am committed to helping my clients uncover and treat the cause of any problems, not to simply mask the symptoms. Looking inward deeply, is a good place to start.

    Uncovering how food preferences, life style choices and work habits influence well being. I bring heart-felt caring to building and maintaining functional relationships for people and their environments through authentic dialogue and transformational change. Bringing people back to their own felt knowledge - insight and synchronicity, where contemplation and stillness provide immediate access to insight beyond what is available to our normal senses or the power of reason. Knowing that true wealth comes from how well we live within our own integrity. Walking the walk as well as talking the talk.

    I am also passionate about living sustainably in relationship with the planet’s limits. Living in abundance as an overflowing fullness - as ample sufficiency. Understanding that we must BE the change we want to see in the world and in others. Throughout my life I have been an advocate for, and a practitioner of, experiential education. I am committed to the process of de-institutionalizing learning. I help people learn how to learn for living. My strong communication, strategic thinking and organisational skills serve me well as a partner in Acacia Springs Environmental, especially in the areas of complimentary health, community recovery and environmental and social justice.